Data extraction from Insurance Proposals

A proposal for insurance is a formal document that provides critical personal information on the potential client so that the insurance companies can provide the necessary coverage, limits, and risks. It helps insurance companies assess risk levels, determine premium rates, and issue a policy. Our AI-driven solution excels at efficiently extracting crucial information from insurance proposal documents whether they are in image or PDF formats. Our ready-to-use REST APIs facilitate the seamless integration of our solution with your software system by utilizing the capabilities of AI-based machine learning algorithms and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques.

Extract essential information effortlessly from insurance proposals covering key data points such as Provider Details (Company name, Address, Phone number, Broker information), Submitted To (Company name, Address, Phone number), Applicant Details, Proposal Information (Insured Name, Policy Period, Location), Premium Summary (Premium, Coverage, Fees, Taxes), and more. Our API carefully analyzes and pulls out important information accurately and quickly. The extracted data will then be sent back to you in a simple JSON format.

FIG: Sample Input

Simplify your data extraction process, minimize manual efforts, and reduce the risk of errors. To guide you through the integration process, we provide comprehensive API documentation and Postman collection. Elevate your operations with the convenience, accuracy, and efficiency of our Ready-to-Use REST APIs.


FIG:Postman Screenshot

FIG:Sample Output

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