Finance Agreements

A finance agreement is a legally binding contract outlining the terms of a financial arrangement between a lender and borrower, covering various scenarios like personal loans and mortgages. At Winsurtech, we offer a solution that simplifies the extraction of crucial information from financial agreements in image and PDF formats. Our AI-based machine learning algorithms and advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques streamline the extraction of key data points from finance agreements. Our system swiftly identifies and extracts essential information such as Company Details (Company Name, Address, Phone Number, License Number), Agent Details, Loan Details, Applicant Details, Coverages, and more. The extracted data will be sent back to you in a simple JSON format.

You can seamlessly integrate our solution with your software system using our ready-to-use REST APIs. To facilitate a smooth integration process, we provide comprehensive API documentation and a Postman collection. This documentation offers detailed information on the API endpoints, request parameters, and response formats. Explore the possibilities of our advanced AI solutions and enhance the efficiency of your document processing today.

FIG: Sample Input


FIG:Postman Screenshot

FIG:Sample Output

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